Friday, June 20, 2014

Sharing and learning

On Tuesday Gail Chalker from Sew Creative in Gatton visited us as a guest speaker.  She spent the morning educating and entertaining a large group of members who are always receptive to ideas, experience and techniques that fellow quilters are willing to share.
Gail with Val and Fay in the background
Verna using the Club's accuquilt fabric cutter

Mention has been made in previous blogs about the excellent range of resources available to our members. Our club owns an accuquilt fabric cutter. Gail is an experienced user of this type of cutter and was keen to encourage a relatively new member, Verna, to use the Club's equipment.

 There was a delightful range of quilts adorning our meeting room walls this week for Show and Tell. Here's a sample.
Heather R's sashiko and hexagon quilt

Chriss J's Berries and Blue Birds (Designed by Gail Pan)
Cheryl G' modern take on a wagga
In our meeting rooms we use skirt hangers on the picture rails to display our quilts informally. Some readers may be interested to see this photo, taken last year, of our quilts stands being assembled as part of the early preparations for the formal hanging of quilts at last year's Exhibition at the Salo Centre.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sharing resources and old quilts

Our club has a wonderful range of resources for use by members. Recently our librarian, Genell, added some new quilting templates to our collection.
Marilyn checking out the new templates with Genell (R)

Denim and Lace by Joan R         

 Several waggas resulting from last month's workshop are nearing completion and most of them will be on display at our exhibition in September.

Joan's Denim and Lace wagga makes good use of old jeans.

Marilyn with an early quilt

Talking about old things: last week Marilyn showed us the very first quilts that she made back in the early 1980s.
A well-worn quilt made for Marilyn's son

These generated a lot of interest and discussion about the years when most quilters were using polycottons, when quilt shops were few and far between, pattern instructions were less than adequate, quilts were always hand-quilted and bindings were added in whatever manner individuals managed to work out for themselves!
Another of Marilyn's early quilts
As lots of quilters are also gardeners, Toowoomba quilters should get lots of sewing done this week as the weather is awful and none of us want to go outside to work in our gardens.