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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sewing days Show and Tell

Members of the club are busy completing quilts to have on display at the annual quilt exhibition.
The theme for this year is "All Quilts Bright and Beautiful". Members have also been making some bright decorations.

This is a sample of what will be on display during the exhibition which will be held from Saturday 22nd September to 28th September, Salo Centre, St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Textile Artists Project - Felted Balls

In the month of March, the Toowoomba Quilter's Textile Art Group (TAG) created felted balls from wool roving.  Our very talented member, Chris Dowell, instructed the members on how to go about it.  It was a lot of fun and we decided we needed to do something creative with them.
Chris and the ladies working on their felted balls

At our get together in May, we worked on making our felted balls up into various articles.  Some ladies did Christmas decorations and some made jewellery. 
Here is Judy making some felted balls

And here is Judy wearing her newly made felt ball necklace.  Good work, Judy.
Made by Dianne C.

Next month, the TAGER's are going to make some fabric beads out of interesting scraps of fabrics and yarns etc.
You do have to be a member of Toowoomba Quilters Club to join the Textile Art Group, so if you would like to join us, just come along to our meeting place on the 3rd Saturday of the month and go from there!


Quilt Connect Bus Trip to Brisbane

From time to time, the club organises a bus trip for the enjoyment of our members. 

On Thursday 3rd May we took a bus to the annual Queensland Quilter's 'Quilt Connect' event in Brisbane at the Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds.

The purpose of the show is to connect quilters from each of the Affiliated Groups with one another.   There are lovely displays of quilts from some of the groups and Traders are on site so as one can supplement their quilting needs (or is that wants?)  

Toowoomba Quilters with their quilts:
June with her amazing stack and whack type quilt

Lesley with her lovely applique quilt

Linda with her creative wall hanging of frilled neck lizard

Maureen with her dainty and exquisite embroidered quilt
 Our group displayed a diverse selection of quilts.  Well done to their creators.

Thank you to Paula for organising the bus trip and we look forward to our next one which will be to Jumpers and Jazz in Warwick in July.

Happy quilting
(thank you to Lesley for the photos of our quilters shown here.)

Toowoomba Quilters - Giving Back to the Community

There was a huge turnout for our String Quilt project on Tuesday 22nd May.  The day was organised by the Community Quilting section of our club and all the fabric used was donated to the club over the years from members of the general quilting community and members.
Joan, Lyn and Verna busy at their machines
Lee, one of our community quilt organisers is kept busy at the cutting table.
Beryl and Kathy enjoying their community quilting day.
Many thanks to all those who gave their help on the day and to the ladies who organised it.
Apparently the morning tea offered up was delicious!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Show and Tell from Textile Artists

This year has been one of growth for our Toowoomba Quilters Textile Artists Group.  (TQ TAG).

We meet just once a month on the third Saturday of each month along with the Community Quilters.  We are all loving our new venue at "The Court" - Glenvale Baptist Church, 100 Glenvale Road.  
If you are a member of Toowoomba Quilters, please feel free to join us at any time.  If you are not a member,but have a keen interest in Textile Art, you are most welcome to check us out and if you want to join the club, we would love to have you along.

Here are some pictures of recent show and tell from the TAG Group.

Noeleen, Judy and Kim enjoying a sunny dyeing day at Dianne's House

 Valderie's String Bag
Kim's dyed laces

Lots of colourful washing!

At our next meet up we are going to be using the felted balls we made back in March with Chris Dowell in various projects.

Happy Textile Arting,

Monday, February 26, 2018

Creative Boro stitching

Recently the group had a show and tell of some of the small art quilt projects that they have been working on. The theme for last month was Boro stitched journal covers. There were some really inspiring covers made.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Year 2018

Welcome to 2018. The year has kicked off to a busy start for some. The walls have been filled with lots of show and tell at our regular meeting days.

The community sewing group have also been busy making some quilts for donation to charity.