Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Party 2010


The lucky winner of our 2010 raffle quilt, Val Squair arrived to collect her lovely prize.
Photographed here (L-R) Exhibition Co-ordinator, Angela Langdon, Winner, Val Squair, Secretary and Co-ordinator of the quilt, Fay Suley and President, Marilyn Cooper.

At around 11.30 am Marilyn presented the President of the Toowoomba and District MS Group, Darryl Connor with a cheque.  Darryl was thrilled and the money is going to go towards "Young Care". A wonderful initiative to build specific housing for young sufferers of MS, so that they may not have to go into aged care. 
 Do you see the weather outside?  It was a strange December day with fog and mist and later in the day, full on rain.  Festive spirits weren't dampened though.  There was a basket full of Secret Santa parcels and another basket of colourful fat quarter bon-bons.   Lyle explained to us that the fat quarter we received in the swap has to be brought back at the next Christmas function made up into something.  Yikes!!
Santa, aka Sheila, was very thankful for the cooler December weather.  It gets jolly hot under that suit!!  Santa was kept hopping giving out the gifts.

Judy F. (on the right) made us a lovely Christmas cake finely decorated in marzipan fruit.  Thank you Judy, the cake was delicious too.  Cutting the cake is Diana R and looking on blissfully is our Events co-ordinator, Lyle.  Lyle and her helpers did a fabulous job in making the day a fun filled one and everything running like clockwork.

Ladies in red enjoying the day, (L-R) Marleen, Vicky and Dot.  As you can see the room was beautifully decked out in quilts and other decorations.
Lovely to see husband and wife quilters enjoying the club Christmas, Diane and Alton.
Lola is tucking into her delicious lunch all of which was provided by the members.  One group of members was asked to bring salads, another group meats, and another group dessert.  It all depended what your surname started with.  It all worked out very well.
Maureen and Lorelle with the backdrop of Denise's gorgeous medallion quilt. 
Smiling happily for the camera, (L-R) Janice K, Jan G, and Barb W.  Sorry to interrupt your meal for the photo Jan (who had to quickly swallow a mouthful so she could smile).
Another happy table of quilters (L-R) Patricia, Cheryl, Joan R and Joy P. 
Colourful Kerrie enjoying looking at the quilts and standing in front of a marvellous bargello made by Joan R.
Visiting us for the first time was Jane, who brought along her very first quilt made for a granchild.  Thank you for bringing it along Jane, it is very, very, cute, and well done for your first quilt too.

If you would like to join us next year we would love to see you.  Our meeting days are every Tuesday and every 1st and 3rd Saturday starting around 9.30 am.  27 Jellicoe Street, Toowoomba.  Just pop in and our Welcomer, Marleen will show you around and you can see what we are all about.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesdays and Announcing Christmas break up

Tuesdays continue to grow and bring interesting quilts and items for us all to look at.  We now have over 130 members in our club and can get anywhere between 25-40 quilters on a Tuesday.  It is exciting to see what everyone is up to.   We meet every Tuesday and every 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

This Saturday 4 December is the day we are having our Christmas break up party.  It is always a fun-filled day with Secret Santa, Fat quarter swap,  a scrumptious lunch , fun and games etc..  Should be a great day, and hope the weather stays cool for us.

This is a stunning quilt by Lyn L and she has used Kaffe Fassett fabrics in his Jane's diamonds design.  The surround on the diamonds is the most beautiful vibrant batik print.  Lyn has made this for a friend - lucky friend.

 Stunning Kaffe Fassett backing fabric!!!!

Marilyn C (our illustrious President) has put together her bargello top from Lyn Crump's workshop.  Marilyn designed the bargello patterning herself  which is part of what Lyn outlined in the workshop.  Great colours and good work Marilyn.
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