Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Viewers Choice

The winners for the viewers choice of quilts displayed at the Annual Quilt Exhibition held in September.
1st place in the Professional Category: Lyn Crump

2nd place was Robyn Ginn

In the Amateur section 1st Place was Trish Ostwald

2nd Place was awarded to Dot Cottee.

Congratulations to these ladies and their wonderful quilts.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Club Activities

The club has been very busy hosting sewing days for the younger generation during the school holidays. There were some eager young sewers guided along by there Grandma or friend to learn the basics of sewing squares together.

The club has also had a challenge for members to make a wallhanging with a vase of flowers.
The wallhangings were displayed and judged by silent voting for the most creative, bright and the best vase. It was very hard to make a decision. It was also a celebration for the annual Christmas in July day. A quilt was donated to the Toowoomba Community Baptist Church to help them with their fundraising.
 1st prize for the most creative
 2nd prize for the most colourful
 The best vase.

 Runner up for the most colourful

Friday, June 16, 2017

Michele Hill Trunk show

We at Toowoomba Quilters had a very exciting week when we hosted Michele Hill from South Australia for a trunk show and followed up with a workshop the next day. A large gathering of quilters came to listen to Michele talk about her quilting journey and admire her beautiful quilts.

 Larry celebrated a birthday too while he was visiting us.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Club workshops

Another workshop was recently conducted by Angela called Splendid Strings. Strips were cut from leftovers or unwanted pieces.

The ladies proudly displayed their blocks ready to be put together.



A few of the completed tops were hung on display the next week.
There were also other completed quilts on show. These will be on display at the Toowoomba Quilters Club exhibition in September.

This quilt was made for a friend who loves fishing so had a seaside theme.
 A lovely cot quilt for a baby.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anzac day

Some of the ladies gathered together to make Laundry bags for the Aussie Hero Quilts as an activity to remember the country's servicemen and women on Anzac day.

 Lyn also brought along a top she made for the Aussie Hero Quilts 
 Some of the Laundry bags with some Aussie icons sewen on.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Club Project

An in house project was conducted by Angela to help members make the Split Steps Block pattern from McCalls These ladies made lots of progress so will be soon seeing some completed tops. There is lots of space and good lighting to have sewing days in the club's new premises.

These are some of the colour combinations that were used. There will be some stunning quilts on display at our upcoming exhibition in September.

There was also another 2 completed tops on display, made from left over fabrics.