Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank you Angela and Other Things

Our 2012 Exhibition is over and we all wish to thank Angela for the fantastic job she has done as convenor for the last three years. Here she is working on quilt-as-you-go hexagons, one of the daily demonstrations.

We also thank all the wonderful people who attended our exhibition and said such lovely things about our handiwork which included things other than quilts. These are some examples.
Ineke's embroidered footstool
Loretta's "Crazy About Christmas" stockings (one for each grandchild including those not yet born) 
Yvonne's wallhanging "To a Beautiful Mother"
Lyle's and Leanne's patchwork quilted jackets

We blogged in July about the "Bag of Stuff" creations by our Art Quilt Group. There has since been a "Wildlife" challenge inviting interpretation of WILD life or wild LIFE in any shape that would fit into a 60cm square. These are some of the results that were on display during the week.
Kathy A's "What Lies Beneath", Dorothy C's red dragon and Heather R's "Wild Life 1920s"

Dorothy C's "Mardi Gras"
There will be a few more photos posted before our next General Meeting on Saturday 6 October at which our Exhibition raffles will be drawn.

Friday, September 28, 2012

More Quilts at our 2012 Exhibition

Today's post highlights further the talent within our club and the variety of quilts hanging at our 2012 exhibition.
(Remember that by clicking on a photo you can view a larger image.)

Swircles by Diana R
Never Too Late by Dorothy C

Springtime by Fay S
Happy Days by Judy D

Kalaidescope by Gabrielle J

Pond Life by June P

Double Wedding Ring by Kerrie K
Sashiko in Pink & Blue by Lyn V

Shara's Bouquet by Lyn C

Log Cabin with Hidden Stars by Lyn H
Double Irish Chain by Robyn H

Triangle Madness by Valerie B 
Crescent Crane by Vicki W
Sunday Picnic by Vida G

Country Sunshine by Vicki L

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Memory Quilts and Children's Quilts

Many quilts are made simply for the joy of sewing and creating. Some are "purpose built" for an intended recipient, a special occasion or for memories.

These quilts hanging at our current exhibition are some of the "memory quilts" made by members.
Lyn H's "New Zealand Memory Quilt"

Angela L's "A Window on Finland"
Judy F's "The Life of My Dear Mother"

Carol W's "A Labour of Love"

Leanne B's "Our Amazing Holiday"
Robyn H's "The Seven Sisters" (Robyn is one of seven sisters)

These are some of the children's quilts on display.
Carol B's "Roaming Dinosaurs" 
Lyn R-S' "Sam's Quilt"

Sue M's "Asher's Quilt"
Sheila D's "Trains and Planes"
Lyle's "What We Didn't See in America"

Lyle's quilt fits into both categories! Several small boys have been heard admiring it.

More photos will be posted later but not all quilts will be seen on-line.  Friday 28 September will be the last chance to view all of this year's quilts. If you are unable to attend you may wish to note that our next exhibition will be held during the 2013 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Variety - hand and machine made

We have a wonderful variety of quilts on display that are being enjoyed by a variety of people. Frequently-heard questions often relate to how quilts are made and whether they have been hand or machine-stitched.   The answer is : a variety of ways!
Some, such as these, were hand-pieced and hand-quilted.
Joan B's "Flowers in My Garden"

Robyn G's "There's Life After the Flood"
 Others, such as these, were machine-pieced and machine-quilted.

Angela L's "Simeon's Elephants on Parade"
Amanda H's "Two Birds

Leanne B's "Diamonds and Gold"
Others were made using a combination of hand and machine sewing.  For example, these two were hand-pieced and then machine-quilted.
Jan G's "Fassett and Austen Blues"
Joan R's "Tumbling Blocks" 
More quilt photos will be posted soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Exhibition

Last Friday members of our club (and some wonderful husbands) set up 
the displays for our Exhibition.

  Within a few hours the Salo Centre was transformed and we were ready to welcome the first of our visitors on Saturday morning.

All of the work on display has been made by our talented members and has not been shown at any of our previous exhibitions.

Our Art Quilt Group has been very productive this year, there is some amazing embroidery to be seen and the flowers in the hall are wonderful.

If you are in Toowoomba, come to have a look.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Prize-winning Quilt!

Lots of energy is going into pre-Exhibition preparation. There is one very exciting piece of news: the quilt that we are raffling this year won second place in the Collaborative Quilts Category at the EKKA this year! Many thanks to everyone who assisted with the making of this quilt, and especially to Lyn Crump who coordinated the project this year and completed the quilting.

The photo really does not do it justice ( a common problem). Tickets will be on sale during the Exhibition and the winner drawn on 6 October. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Toowoomba Hear and Say Centre that was set up in Toowoomba to support people from the Darling Downs and western regions who would otherwise have to travel to Brisbane for treatment and therapy.