Wednesday, March 21, 2012

S. O. S – Double Bed Size Quilts Wanted Urgently

Dear Members and friends,

Our community quilting group is putting together a parcel of quilts for the St George flood relief. The people of St George had had one flood after the other in the past couple of years,  and many have lost valuable possessions.

We need approximately 15 –20 double size quilts.  We have already made some smaller and single size quilts and they are ready to go, but we urgently need the bigger size.

If you can help us out in this regard, please email to our community group leader, Lyle,  at

Your support would be most appreciated.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strings Attached

During the month of March, each Tuesday, our string quilts lady Angela is instructing some of the members on making their own string quilts.

We all have lots of scraps and these can be cut into strips from about 1 1/4 “ and 2 1/2 “ wide to make up these fabulous and colourful string quilts. Angela has put together some interesting patterns for the ladies to follow.

06.03.12 happy workers strings


06.03.12 working on strings

Some lovely samples from Angela hanging behind the ladies to inspire them.

13.03.12 Marleen yellow string

A bright and cheerful string top completed by Marleen K.

We have had some more show and tell hanging on the club walls lately.

06.03.12 Jaffa M Cooper

“Jaffa” by Marilyn C. 

06.03.12 G tolley jap quilt

Glenda T with her little Japanese lady wall hanging.06.03.12 M Cooper blue and yellow

Another expertly made quilt by Marilyn C.

06.03.12 B bfly quilt06.03.12 Quilted butterfly06.03.12close up of bfly

New member, Vicki L, brought in this stunning butterfly quilt which her 25 year old son quilted on a long arm machine.  You can see the lovely quilting work on this close up of the butterfly.  Well done!! 

06.03.12 L Clarke

Lorelle C has made this lovely quilt for her grandson.  Lucky boy!

13.03.12 Dianne S ladybird

13.03.12 Dianne S Trucks

Dianne S made both of these wonderful children’s quilts.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recent Show & Tell

More community quilts have been completed by our hard working ladies.  It is good to have a ‘stockpile’ of quilts on hand for any future worthy recipients.

03.03.12 Members working

Members busy at work on the community quilts.03.03.12 quilt in progress

A work in progress.

03.03.12 Boys Quilt

This is a delightful quilt which would be very suitable for a little boy.

03.03.12 Leanne Barlow

Members, Leanne B pieced and quilted this lively community quilt.  Thank you Leanne.

03.03.12 Dot Cottee

Fabrics for this quilt were donated by the lovely ladies, Sue and Colleen of “Indigo Niche” and the quilt was made by Dot C and quilted by Angela Langdon.

03.03.12 F Suley

Once again, fabrics from “Indigo Niche” and the quilt was made by Fay S in this wonderful lattice pattern.

03.03.12 Lyle star quilt

Lyle with the star quilt finally completed.  This quilt top was donated to the club by a Toowoomba resident during the floods of 2011.

03.03.12 star quilt close up

Angela has quilted it for us in a delightful star pattern.

03.03.12 V Glenn F Suley

Fabrics from “Indigo Niche”.  Quilt made by Vida Glenn and Fay Suley.

03.03.12 S Senz M Creek

Community Quilt made by Sue S and Colleen L and quilted by Angela Langdon.

03.03.12 L Yantsch String stars

This colourful string quilt was made by Lyle Y.   She has called it “Wish upon a Star”, and saw the pattern as she browsed the internet.

03.03.12 Lyn Lloyd

This quilt is a Monica Poole pattern and was made by Lyn L after completing a workshop with Monica.

03.03.12 Sashiko Joan B

Joan B had lots of sashiko pieces left over after her Sashiko workshop with Indigo Niche so she has made up another delightful quilt.

03.03.12 more progress

Work continues on our Raffle Quilt for 2012. 

03.03.12 placemats Marleen

These bright and cheerful placemats would brighten up any kitchen table.  Made by Marleen K.