Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Yesterday we had a celebratory morning tea in our meeting rooms prior to the presentation of prizes from our Exhibition and 2014 Art Union.  Details of the winners were provided in this blog on 1 October.  Today: photos of the presentations to those winners who were able to attend.

Betty with TQs President, Janice Becker

Betty Hindmarsh accepted the Art Union quilt (on display in background) on behalf of her granddaughter, Toni, for whom she bought the ticket.

Lyn with Brian


Lyn Virgo who organised the Art Union this year  was delighted to present a cheque for over $5000 to Brian Egan, the founder of Aussie Helpers.

Valderie Machin, who also made our Club's 30th birthday cake, organised the Club's multi-draw raffle baskets and she presented the prizes yesterday.
Judy Nothdurft (1st prize) with Valderie
Linda Vandersee (2nd prize) with Valderie
Helen Vetter (3rd prize) with Valderie
Trish Prowse organised the Viewers' Choice voting at the Exhibition and presented cheques to the winners. (Pictured with their quilts in the background.) Queensland Quilters Inc kindly sponsored "Viewers' Choice."

Trish with Betty Fawcett (1st)
Trish with Marion Johnson (2nd)
It was great to see so many members attend yesterday despite the extreme heat we are experiencing this week. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a wonderful presentation day.
(There are more photos on Facebook:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stories of Quilts

Most quilts have a story; Robyn Ginn wrote a book, That Quilt has a Story (1994) This final blog about our 2014 Exhibition shares some of the stories attached to some of the quilts on display.
Ties of Love by Angela Langdon

Angela's Ties of Love was made with fabrics from the 170 cotton business ties that she made for her husband from 1994 to 2011.

Cora's quilt label read "My girl works in the corporate world.  the only 'colours' she likes are black, white, brown, beige, nay and a bit of blue. Very boring!  I collected fabrics in the colours she chose and that was the best I could do."

My Indoor Garden by Lyle Yantsch

Lyle's quilt label read "When I get old and immobile I can bring my garden into my house and still enjoy it. My favourite rose is a yellow one named Glorious. This was the inspiration for My Indoor Garden."

Australian Journeys by Vicki Draper

Vicki's quilt was designed by her and her husband who wrote that "We wanted our quilt to depict the beauty and diversity of our country. We appreciate and honor the first inhabitants and how they lived WITH the environment. The quilt also reminds us of the explorers and pioneers who endured hardships as they moved across this large continent."

Doodle Quilt by Judy Cribb

Judy Cribb's story:  "I gave friends and relatives fabric squares and asked them to doodle on the fabric using permanent markers. To my surprise I found that many people claimed not to be able to doodle.  I am really happy with the varied doodles/drawings and how this quilt has turned out."
close up of some Doodle Quilt blocks

We have booked the Salo Centre for our 2015 Exhibition, again during the Carnival of Flowers week. We invite you to visit - and be sure to read the quilt display labels.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Exhibition Quilts and Club Activities

Lots of members had a very busy time during our Exhibition week..and it doesn't stop there. Tomorrow will be our monthly business meeting as well as social sewing at our Jellicoe Street rooms.  Then on Wednesday there will be a bus trip to the Craft & Quilt Fair in Brisbane.  To be followed this coming weekend by our annual retreat at Perseverance Dam!

As promised here are some more quilts that were on display at our exhibition. It is a random selection with the intention of showing the wonderful range of quilts that we make.

A Chorus of Curves by Lyn Crump
A Field of Flowers by Marilyn Cooper (A Sue Daley Design)

Angel Quilt Story by Ann Jones (Designed by Annie Downes)
Autumn Glow by Lesley Ellevsen

Flower Garden by Carol French (Designed by Kim McLean)
Rose Trellis by Linda Wrench

Flutter Bye by Heather Ross
Kaffe for Kate by Val Bensen (Kaffe Fassett design)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We are delighted to announce the lucky winner of our 2014 Art Union quilt.  Toni Hindmarsh (ticket no 2462) will receive her prize at a special presentation on 28 October.  On that day we will also present a cheque to Brian Egan, the founder of Aussie Helpers, the charity organisation we chose to support with our Art Union this year.

Winners of our club raffle baskets are:
First - Judy Nothdurft
Second - Linda Vandersee
Third - Helen Vetter
Fourth - Jeanette Barnsley

Visitors to our Exhibition were invited to vote for their favourite quilt. (Not an easy task.) The quilt that won our Viewers Choice vote was Betty Fawcett's Pickled Geese and Marion Johnson's Insanity came second. We thank Queensland Quilters Inc for providing for these prizes.
Pickled Geese by Betty Fawcett
Insanity by Marion Johnson    

Our display of owl banners was very popular, particularly with the younger visitors, with Christine Hayward's Bad Hair Day being voted the most popular in that section.
Bad Hair Day by Christine Hayward
Further photos of quilts from our Exhibition will be posted over the next week. Remember that Sheila has been busy posting photos on Facebook (Toowoomba Quilters Club Annual Exhibition.)