Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 Exhibition - Demonstrations

Our exhibition this year again incorporates a section where members are demonstrating a range of techniques used in patchwork and quilting. It provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to meet and interact with Club members.
View of demonstration area
Wendy Whellum from Legend and Lace

We also have a guest artist, Wendy Whellem from Legend and Lace in South Australia, who is sharing her knowledge and experience with visitors.  She is shown here in front of several of her exquisite needle-turned appliqued quilts.

Visitors from last year may remember Fay demonstrating techniques for making circles. She used those demonstration pieces from last year to make this quilt which is hanging in the Exhibition this year.

Playing with Circles - Fay S
Here are a few more quilts that demonstrate the wonderful range that can be viewed at our Exhibition that closes at the Salo Centre at 5pm on Friday 27 September.
Kakadu Dreaming - Marilyn C
Reminisce - Penny V
Romantic Handbags - Norelle W
Route 66 - Lyle Y

Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to our 2013 Exhibition!

What a wonderful weekend for the opening of our Exhibition and for the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers!
The transition of the Salo Centre from an empty hall to a celebration of quilts in a riot of colour and design is an amazing experience.  Here is a random example of some of the quilts on display that have pleased so many of our visitors so far.

Bali Lakes - Lyn W
Out of the Blue - Chriss J

Glacier Star - Lyn C
Yellow Dahlia - Amanda H
Many thanks to all of the people who helped with the set up on Friday and all the members who will assist during this week.
Kathy R and Lyn L

Kathy and Lyn are doing a wonderful job with coordination of refreshments from the kitchen.

June's husband, Brian, helped to move our quilt stands and other infrastructure in the truck that Europcar provided "at a good price".

Our Art Quilt Group have another impressive display this year including examples from their "Portrait Challenge".
Our Community Quilting Group that makes quilts for donation to those in need in our community are demonstrating their work during the week and have a number of completed quilts on display.
Angela L and some "community quilts"
And, a big "thank you and congratulations" to Sheila K, our 2013 Exhibition Convenor, shown here relaxing with her husband  at the point when we were ready to say "Let the Show Begin"!
Sheila and Ken

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time for Tea & Quilts

The theme around the exhibition this year will be:
“Time for Tea & Quilts”.  The hall will be decorated along this theme and there will be a display of tea related quiltlets made by members. Members will also contribute to a floral display as we hold our quilt show to coincide with the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. 
Come to Toowoomba and enjoy the festivities!!!
Our quilt exhibition is starting next Saturday 21 September – Doors opening at 9.00 am.
There will be refreshments available and lots to see and do.
Tickets will be on sale for our beautiful raffle quilt and also for our spectacular basket of ‘goodies’.
The following quilt was on show at our last Tuesday gathering and was made by Carol B and is a Sylvia Pippen design.
Carol has done the most exquisite needleturn applique of Australiana flora combined with fine sashiko stitching.  Congratulations on a beautiful quilt, Carol.  The aboriginal design fabrics blend so well and give the overall design a lot of rhythm. 
10.09.13 Lyn V flowers sashiko
10.09.13 Lyn V flowers closeup

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Special Invitation to our Exhibition *** 21–27 September 2013

   cosmos cropped

Spring heralds the arrival of our annual Quilt Show.

Starting on Saturday 21 September and going through til Friday 27th September.

The Toowoomba Quilters Club Quilt Show is held at the St Ursula’s College Salo Centre (Rome St. Toowoomba) and is open from

9.00 am to  5.00pm  each day.

Entry is only $5 and raffle tickets will be available for the splendid quilt you see there on the right hand side of our blog.

Here is a taste of some of the beautiful work you may see.

21.05.13 Lyn B Dear Jane21.05.13 Lyn B Dear Jane top

Dear Jane quilt by Lyn B – Hand pieced blocks.

13.08.13 lscap Judy J

Small wall quilt by Judy J (done in an online class with Gloria Loughman)

13.08.13 Angela Aust. quilt

Angela Langdon’s Australia Quilt

Please come and visit us, you will be most welcome.

Have some coffee and cake, enjoy some demonstrations, buy some beautiful handmade goodies from our Sales Table.

Some supplies  will be available to purchase from our wonderful merchants and see our guest quilt artist, Wendy  Wellham   from South Australia whose specialty is applique.

Until next time………Happy Patchworking & Quilting.