Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workshop and Community Quilts

Yesterday we welcomed Lisa Walton of Dyed and Gone to Heaven ( to Toowoomba where she conducted a workshop for fifteen of our members. Participants had the opportunity to stretch their imaginations by using a variety of thread and fabrics to create unique fabric landscapes.  Marilyn was kind enough to show her work-in-progress. Completed landscapes will feature in a future blog.

Gail J and Marilyn C at the workshop

We have a small group of very dedicated quilters who direct much of their effort to making quilts for donation to people in the wider community.  The quilts are frequently the result of a team effort and they often find their way to victims of the regular natural disasters we experience in this country.

These two have been completed recently. Some readers may recognise the double disappearing nine patch quilt that Joan was working on as a demonstration during our 2013 Exhibition last September.
Double disappearing nine block coordinated by Joan R
String quilt coordinated by Lyle Y

The string quilt was made following another pattern so kindly shared by Bonnie Hunter on her Quiltville website (

I am having problems inserting the links into the text so have included the URLs in brackets.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Quilt Challenge

Congratulations to Chriss Jasper whose owl banner was the most popular with members when they voted earlier this month.  Lots of people commented on the wonderful owl eyes and the tree bark.
Owl Love by Chriss J
Our 2014 quilt challenge was to create a banner (12" x 35") showing a minimum of two owls using two pieces of provided fabric. More owls could be added but 90% of the given fabric had to be used in two owls and any method of construction was acceptable.

Here is a random selection of some of the forty banners that were displayed in our meeting rooms.

Apparently the voting was very close. All of the owl banners will be on display at our Quilt Exhibition in September when visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite.
Thanks again to Ineke who organised this challenge for members and who wore her favourite owl apron on voting day.